CFI is a food processor specializing in value-added Gluten-Free foods. Working in collaboration with clients and manufacturers to develop niche products targeting specific end-users.  From recipe development, to ingredient sourcing, to costing analysis, CFI is hands-on in our approach to delivering health inspired, innovative food solutions.

CFI specializes in developing, implementing and maintaining creative go-to-market sales solutions that bring health inspired foods to the masses.  Areas of expertise include:  customer identification, pricing strategies, competitive analysis, inventory purchasing and strategic sales planning. 


Product development                    food marketing                   wholesale solutions

A partner in successfully bringing products to market.  Target end-users include:  

  • National & Global Chains
  • Contract Feeders
  • GPO's (Group Purchasing Org.)
  • Food Distribution Buying Groups
  • Institutional Food Service
  • Club-Stores
  • Discount Retailers
  • Exporters  

Making a difference in the way people eat by developing and marketing healthy, natural, sustainable food products, produced with the highest standards of social responsibility, food safety and security.