Go'Bonzo's ~ Roasted & Seasoned Chickpeas

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Go’Bonzo’s ~ Roasted & Seasoned Chickpeas were created to be a nutritious, delicious and affordable protein (meat alternate) or vegetable (legume) solution for K-12 schools nationally.

Go’Bonzo’s are packed in Individually Wrapped .75oz (1M/MA or 1/4c legume) and 1.5oz (2M/MA or 1/2c legume) single serve portions or 6/2lb bulk bags. Go’Bonzo’s are compliant with the USDA ‘Smart Snacks in Schools’ policy.

We recently finalized new & improved packaging for a handful of our flavors and pack options. This new packaging was created specifically to increase OVS participation and for A La Carte, Student Stores and Vending opportunities.

Go’Bonzo’s Are A Healthy, Nutritious & Delicious Side, Snack, Ingredient Or Topper!

Roasted & Seasoned Chickpeas

Crunchy Goodness on the Go!

Go’Bonzo’s currently come in 5 flavors ~ Lightly Salted, Cool Ranch, Spicy Nacho, Chili Citrus, and It’s Pizza.   Go’Bonzo’s can be considered for Lunch, Supper, After-School Snack, OVS, Salad Bars, Field Trips, and Special Diets, Breakfast, and/or Summer Feeding programs.

Go’Bonzo’s served on salads/salad bars (instead of croutons) are most popular. Most schools are using Go’Bonzo’s to contribute to the weekly Legume requirement; and if students don’t take them, Go’Bonzo’s can be offered again and there is no waste. 

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