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The Go'Bonzo's Story

Creative Food Innovations is an industrial food processor and manufacturer focused on Gluten-Free, health inspired foods.
Our cornerstone product is Go’Bonzo’s® ~ Roasted & Seasoned Chickpeas. Go'Bonzo's are proudly farmed, processed and packed in the USA. Go’Bonzo’s are Certified Gluten-Free; nut-free; Kosher; non-GMO, Vegetarian, and offer Crunchy Goodness On The Go! 

Creative Food Innovations Co-Founders, Andy McCluskey and Sharone Story have over 50 years experience in food manufacturing, distribution, sales & marketing. Andy is the experienced Entrepreneur, and Sharone is the creative Rainmaker. We could bore you with our bio’s, which are noted on LinkedIn, but bottom line ~ we do what we do because we have a strong passion to make a difference, give back and have FUN!

Go’Bonzo’s ~ roasted & seasoned chickpeas weren’t developed over night. Our Food Scientist roasted thousands of pounds of chickpeas to prefect our recipe. Taste, texture, flavor, and visual appearance are consistently evaluated and are of vital importance. 

Not only do Go’Bonzo’s taste great, but as our Registered Dietitian will attest, they are GREAT for you! Ask any Nutritionist and they’ll love our clean, all-natural ingredients, along with our nutrient dense nutritional panel. Go’Bonzo’s offer a rich source of Protein, Fiber and Iron, while being low in fat ~ naturally. Go’Bonzo’s are a perfect component of a balanced meatless meal. ​


Creative Food Innovations believes in only sourcing the highest quality, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO ingredients. Our chickpeas are harvested from farms in the Pacific Northwest, and are dry-roasted, seasoned with all-natural spices and packaged in our Certified Gluten-Free facility in Idaho.


We will do what we say! We believe in honesty, integrity and unsurpassed client service. We believe in building relationships first, and business second.

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We have the deepest respect for our environment, health and wellness. Often products aligned with these goals can be pricy. Creative Food Innovations prides itself on offering affordable, nutritious and delicious products. Although we are fair, we fight to keep ALL our costs as low as possible and pass those savings along to our clients.

Creative Food Innovations is committed to making a difference in the way people eat by developing and marketing healthy, natural, sustainable food products, produced with the highest standards of social responsibility, food safety and security.

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